SunniThaRapper is originally from Los Angeles, but raised in Missouri “Mo-City” Texas. Her musical interest was birthed towards the end of high  school with her best friends. Together they developed an all female rap  group known as BLUSH. Sunni was welcomed to the music industry by  Matthew Knowles, who was her manager from 2014-2018 . After  BLUSH's contract ended, both artists made a decision to become  independent. They then formed the group T.O.D (Topic of Discussion).  Since then Sunni has decided to express herself as an individual, so she  is now making her debut as a solo artist “SunniThaRapper.”


Sunni credits her musical start to Tupac, Lauryn Hill, and Nicki Minaj  who heavily influenced her decision to pursue music. She is also  currently inspired by Drake, Rihanna, Kevin Gates, and Beyonce to name a few. All of which have a work ethic she desires to mirror.


Sunni's music is created with females in mind. She hopes to inspire  women to take control of their lives, achieve every goal they set for  themselves, and look and feel beautiful while doing so. Sunni has  cultivated a fanbase of "HBICs," which are women who walk confidently in their  own skin!


"Be a BOSS! Be the HBIC! Exude confidence and live by it always!“



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